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Witness the Mystery of Metemorphosis

IBBA Raise a Butterfly
IBBA Raise a Butterfly


With social distancing, travel restriction and school closings there is never a better time than now to enjoy the wonders of nature at home. You can now witness the mystery of metamorphosis while spending family time safely at home.

Parents are scrambling to keep young minds engaged with meaningful activities and learning about the life cycle of butterflies is a wonderful way to do just that. You can choose from butterfly eggs, caterpillars, educational or rearing kits which will bring nature into your home. Once released as adults, they will become beneficial to the dwindling butterfly populations. Keeping caterpillars will also teach children responsibility in a way that they will look forward to watching their caterpillars become healthy butterflies. For parents that are now home schooling, a hatching kit can become a fun and enjoyable science project that could easily be turned into a STEM learning opportunity. As a family activity, it will certainly be the topic of conversation for years to come.

Caterpillar hatching kits are gifts that will make memories for a lifetime and they can easily be shipped for many occasions.

  • Birthdays for anyone of any age
  • Anniversaries & graduations
  • Loved ones in Assisted Care
  • Shut ins or someone you know that is lonely
  • To encourage budding young scientist
  • For yourself, to revel in the magic as you watch your butterfly as it unfurls its’ wings for the first time.
  • For someone who is lonely

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