– by Dr. Ellar of England

1. Wash containers in very hot soapy water. Rinse with hot Water. Place container in a 50% solution of Clorox solution made with cold water, Never use hot water with Clorox; it stops the sterilization process. Leave the container and lid in the Clorox solution for twenty minutes. Remove container and rinse with hot water to stop the sterilization process, Place containers and lids in sun to air-dry. I use a newly purchased trash can (20 gallon) for the Clorox solution. You can fit a couple of containers and lids in the trash can at one time,

2. Spray your stored containers with a 70% solution of grain alcohol before using, That is 3/4 cup of grain alcohol to 1/2 cup water. Use this solution for sterilizing your containers (after using the first sterilization technique), hands, brushes, and leaves. Using this solution for the leaves is much better than a 3% Clorox solution, It does not destroy the integrity of the leaf structure. The grain alcohol leaves no residue and dries almost instantly. The grain alcohol will kill the virus polyhydrosis, You can use the grain alcohol solution to spray the containers with out changing the food supply in the containers thus keeping the containers as germ free as possible.

Grain alcohol is sold under various names., usually called “Everclear” and is 76.5% to alcohol to water (153 proof-can you believe people actually drink this stuff?), Cut the solution with a quarter water and begin using that formula with the eggs, Use a 10% bleach solution for sterilizing the food leaves.

Click HERE to see the text of the report that Jacob Groth presented at the IBBA Convention 2000.