outside view PVC butterfly house
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The butterfly house is covered with 60% shade cloth. It sat for months with the ends open while we tried to figure out how to enclose it. Then there was the famous “PVC sandwich” posting!!! It didn’t take Charles long to figure it out and finish it.

inside view PVC butterfly house
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 Inside I have slightly raised beds. I’ve planted purple coneflower, lantana, penta, catmint, yarrow, joe pye weed, cosmos, and castor bean (for shelter/shade). I have in pots more coneflower, passionvine, lantana, butterfly bush, milkweed, ruellia, turks cap, parsley, Asian jasmine, and hanging pots of ornamentals (for me). I also planted 2 miniature roses just for me. There is a 3-ft. diameter pond with a solar pump. Charles has installed a misting system and a drip irrigation system for the potted plants.

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The angel was a Christmas present from my mother-in-law “for my garden.” I put her about in the middle close to the bench. Planted around her are asparagus ferns. Behind her in a pot is a Kimberly Queen fern. I acutally took the picture laying down in the pathway to get a better backdrop!

I had some painted ladies out there a couple of months ago and I actually saw a spider creeping up on one (on the shade cloth). The butterfly took flight and the spider JUMPED ONTO ITS BACK!! Fortunately, the butterfly shook it off.

It is still not finished, as evidenced by the sand where stepping stones should be! But it has been a joy for me, with or without butterflies in it. It’s been a lot of work for Charles, but even he calls it “paradise” and he is very proud of it. The frogs seem to think it is paradise also. Not to mention the snake that got in before we got it tightened up!

Charles & Peggy Hatcher
Butterflies Over Texas