Mission Statement

IBBA’s mission is to promote, educate, and protect the butterfly farming industry through education, sharing of evidence-based rearing methods, conservation, and political action.

The IBBA develops the butterfly farming industry in the following areas:


  • Scientific Report compiled and distributed

Grower Education

  • Define and maintain industry standards for products and services
  • Seminars and information sharing
  • Industry updates

Market Development

  • Legislative, regulatory and policies
  • Public relations
  • Increased sales to strengthen industry

Habitat Conservation

  • Member involvement and support for reintroduction of endangered species
  • Promotes cooperative projects between government, utility and private parties for establishing butterfly habitats

Code of Ethics

  • Encourage our members and non-members to adhere to ethics to produce healthy livestock and provide high quality products and services.

Legislative, regulatory and policy making are closely monitored by IBBA Board of Directors through its political action committee members. Freedom of Information Act requests as well as direct communication with individuals on federal and state levels have resulted in favorable outcomes for the industry. The IBBA continues to monitor and respond to individual species and state-level butterfly release policies issued by USDA.