BOD Present:

David Bohlken, John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Todd Stout, Connie Hodsdon, Parker Bautner

The meeting was called to order at 8:07PM EST


The minutes from the August 19, 2019 meeting were reviewed and approved

Treasurer Report:

Treasurers report was reviewed and approved.

• Membership currently stands at 99 paid members.
• All Belize money is now drawn down from IBBA account.

Old Business:

Committee reports:

• No committee reports at this time

Belize Trip:

• No problem with trip itinerary, some changes were made to Hotel locations. 40 people participating in trip.


• IBBA needs to continue to follow information on the retirement of Wayne, the consensus of opinion is that the IBBA needs to be on a firm footing with the new person that will replace him.

• David suggested the goal for the IBBA should be for every butterfly in North American to be permitted on the USDA domestic butterfly list for distribution and that each state regulate their own area as to releases.

• David reported that he met with Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, and found him to be pro butterfly industry.

IBBA Conference:

• It was again suggested that the 2020 IBBA Conference be held in Oklahoma at David’s farm. No other locations were suggested, Kathy Marshburn will coordinate and finalize conference logistics.


• David reported he has had no success in finding a pathologist. While at the conference in Florida David will request information from foreign biologists.

• Connie also has had no success locating a pathology source. Connie suggested that with some training she could perform pathology services. She already has the appropriate equipment.

New Business

• There was no new business discussed


Meeting adjourned at 8:41 PM EST