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The IBBA is an international, non-profit, membership-based trade association promoting high standards of ethics, competence and professionalism in the breeding of quality Lepidoptera for all purposes. We accomplish this through research, grower education, market development, and habitat conservation and restoration.

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The Return on Your Investment

These are just some of the benefits you will receive in return for your IBBA Dues

The IBBA Logo – A Symbol Of Professional Integrity

As a member you are entitled to use the IBBA Logo on your website, business cards, brochures, advertising, and other promotional materials. The IBBA logo stands for quality, integrity, and adherence to a strict code of ethics. Only IBBA members in good standing are permitted to display and use the IBBA logo. As a term of membership, members agree to display the logo on their websites and in publications in a positive manner that reflects pride and respect for the IBBA.

Full Use of the IBBA Website *

* Applies to certain categories only. See Membership Levels, Benefits and Definitions matrix for details)

The resource that provides the most current compilation of recent research and cutting edge techniques available. Membership entitles you to access to all members-only areas. The IBBA Website is a valuable tool to use to keep up on the technical and business aspects of the butterfly breeding industry.

Internet E-mail Forums

The IBBA Mailing List is supported by the IBBA for members only, and provides a professional forum to exchange ideas with other experts as well as conduct business with other IBBA professionals.

Advertising to Prospective Clients and Fellow Members

As a member you receive additional business exposure on the web via the IBBA Website. Your products are displayed and a link to your business is provided. Widespread exposure of the IBBA Website on the Internet and through major search engines provides your business with a vital link to prospective clients.

IBBA’s Ask-a-Mentor Program

The “experts” in the business provide you with a wide variety of tips, techniques, and strategies to help you develop your breeding skills and business expertise. You are kept up to date with new techniques and tips to make your life easier and more interesting. These on-line topics are provided to members only. Topics have included: Creating a Butterfly Habitat, Winterizing Your Income, Raising/Breeding Tips, Monarch Disease Control, Outdoor Exhibits, Business Advertising, Managing Your Inventory, and MUCH more.

Annual Conference

The annual conference has become a place to learn as well a place to get to know and socialize with other breeders from around the world. Although cost of the conference is not totally covered by IBBA dues, preparations and plans are a continuing process throughout the year for the IBBA board, committees, and volunteers.

Permit Information Center

This website section contains comments and explanations about regulations relating to butterfly breeding and butterfly releases. The IBBA strives to help members stay current with state and federal laws and requirements for shipping butterflies for release to the environment.

A WORKING Board of Directors

A Board of Directors reflecting and working on your concerns. The major goal of the board is to ensure that butterfly and moth breeders are able to continue their profession by providing a forum for professional development while working within a sensible and science-based regulatory environment. The board oversees the organization and its committees to achieve this goal within the framework of a non-profit trade association. Currently there are up to eleven elected board members who volunteer their time and effort for the IBBA without monetary compensation.

IBBA Bylaws

The IBBA is a non-profit trade association accountable to its members. Our specifically written bylaws protect your interests as a member as well as protecting and developing the industry as a whole.

IBBA Advisory Board

The IBBA Board of Directors has a knowledgeable and experienced Advisory Board, which provides consultation and direction to the board on a variety of scientific and business issues. Members of the Advisory Board come from all walks of life and provide a diverse range of opinions on a diverse range of issues considered by the IBBA Board.

Expert Scientific Documentation

The IBBA is proud and privileged to have a group of contributing scientists that provide their knowledge, opinions, and evidence in support of our industry. These scientists have been instrumental in establishing our responses to unsupported anti-release statements.

Political Action Representation

As professionals, we are all aware that we are regulated by state and federal entities such as the USDA, Agriculture departments, etc. A major job of the IBBA Political Action Committee is to ensure that agency officials, politicians, and the public hear the voice of the industry.

Expanding Visibility of the Industry

Butterfly breeding professionals, their businesses, and the industry overall are gaining considerable visibility through the efforts of the IBBA. IBBA representatives have participated in a number of public forums in print, television, radio, and Internet media and continue to do so at an ever-increasing level. Our ideas and concerns are also heard in other places such as the annual meeting of the Entomological Association of America, Monarch Butterfly conferences, local and state public meetings, and other venues.

Letter Writing Campaigns

The IBBA organizes and supports letter writing campaigns to address issues at the core of our profession. One past campaign resulted in a very successful response to proposed changes to USDA regulations that could severely restrict or eliminate butterfly and moth transport and release.

Numerous Volunteers and Groups Working for YOU

Membership Committee, Publications, Public Relations, Education, Scientific Research and Finance Committee and more.