International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc. John Dailey
International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc. John Dailey

John Dailey

IBBA BOD Member President

Phone: 510 459-551


Business: SkyRiver Butterflies

About Me

John Dailey, along with his charming wife, Rosemary (through this in because I knew it would score extra points!) runs SkyRiver Butterflies. Traveling throughout the United States, John and Rosemary delight in the shrieks, laughs and gasps from kids of all ages engendered from their large scale exhibits. One of the key exhibits is the Philadelphia Flower Show where SkyRiver Butterflies sets up one of the largest exhibits in the world, a 6000 square foot show with thousands of butterflies.

Based in Northern California, John was an exec with an engineering background in the high tech world.  Having sold his business, John moved on to find the wonders of the butterfly world.

“Butterflies touch your soul” is a frequent comment to be heard around SkyRiver Butterflies. Working closely with the USDA, John has developed standards for exhibits which the USDA has recommended for use by all traveling exhibits.  These standards include mobile emergence chambers, chain link doors for entrance and exit to assure containment of butterflies, mobile parasitic containment chambers to restrict the escape of parasites down to 1 mm and other features to safely contain, emerge and display butterflies.

To top it off, you do not have to look any further for a guy willing to go on an adventure!