The IBBA mailing lists may not be used by associations or groups that are considered and found to be competitors of the IBBA (offering most of the same programs and activities as IBBA and competing for the same potential members that would join the IBBA).  The IBBA-owned mailing lists may not be used to directly or indirectly promote or mention the competing association or group or activities.

As a corporation, the IBBA is obligated to protect its assets, including the IBBA Mailing List and the Butterfly Family List.  The IBBA Board of Directors has a responsibility to the members to protect the assets and the organization from competitors.  The only trade group or similar organization that may promote its benefits, activities, etc, on the IBBA lists is the IBBA itself.

Anyone sending emails to the IBBA lists promoting competing associations or groups will have their posting privileges suspended until further notice from the IBBA Board of Directors. The lists may be moderated and questionable posts will be removed at the board’s discretion.