Because of the volumes of Everclear in my pantry, my 3 grown children accused me of being a lush. “Mom, what is all this, and the beer?” My reply was, “The beer is for the lawn and the Everclear is for the butterflies.” They were not convinced!

Therefore, I decided to find something else to use to sterilize my butterfly raising equipment. My husband is an internet junkie, and has found that H2O2 is used for a variety of things, including sterilization. He had been using it for quite a while in the kitchen. I now use it on my kitchen counters, my butterfly equipment, and even on my teeth and gums!

We buy ours at the health food store in quart bottles. It is concentrated at about 35% and needs to be kept in the freezer at this concentration. Diluted to 6% it can be kept at room temperature. I put mine in an empty bleach bottle!

I wash my equipment with Simple Green. Something I learned from my friends Doug and Kathleen Ziemer. I really love this stuff! Then I use the 3% peroxide on my equipment at 3% for sterilization.

I encourage each of you to do some research of your own. Find out via the internet and the library everything for which food grade hydrogen peroxide is used. Also, research other alternatives. We are all always on the lookout for better ways of doing things.

Peggy Hatcher.