International Butterfly Breeders Association Dr. Chip Taylor
International Butterfly Breeders Association Dr. Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor is the Founder and Director of Monarch, and an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas. Trained as an insect ecologist at the University of Connecticut, his research projects have included studies of reproductive isolating mechanisms in sulfur butterflies, reproductive and life history patterns in plants, comparative biology of European and Neotropical African honey bees and migratory behavior of monarch butterflies. In 1974, Chip Taylor established research sites and directed students studying Neotropical African honey bees (killer bees) in French Guiana, Venezuela, and Mexico. In 1992, Taylor founded Monarch Watch, an outreach program focused on education, research and conservation relative to monarch butterflies. Since then, Monarch Watch has enlisted the help of volunteers to tag monarchs during the fall migration. Since 1992 over 1.3 million monarchs have been tagged by volunteers. Of these, over sixteen thousand have been recovered. This program has provided many new insights about the dynamics of the fall monarch migration.

A major focus of Monarch Watch is habitat restoration through both the Monarch Waystation and Bring Back the Monarchs programs. The intent of these programs is to replace habitat lost due to development, changes in agriculture and roadside management practices. The intent is to inspire the public, schools and others to create habitats for monarch butterflies, pollinators and all wildlife that share the same habitats.

Chip serves on the Steering Committees of Monarch Joint Venture and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign. He has also served as an advisor on many honey bee and monarch documentaries and films including “Flight of the Butterflies” and “Wings of Life.”

Chip received a Growing Green Award from the National Resource Defense Council in 2014 for his work on behalf of monarch conservation.

Of his many awards, Dr. Taylor has been recognized by the Kansas Honey Producers, the Lepidopterist Society, the J.I. Hambleton Award for Excellence in Research from the Eastern Apicultural Society, the Growing Green Pollinator Protector Award by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Berkeley Food Institute, and the Steeples Award for Service to Kansas.
He has also been the recipient of awards and grants from the National Science Foundation, the
United States Department of Agriculture, the National Geographic Society, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation as well as corporations and notable NGOs.

Chip earned his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.

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