The IBBA is an international, non-profit, membership-based trade association promoting high standards of ethics, competence and professionalism in the breeding of quality Lepidoptera for all purposes. We accomplish this through research, grower education, market development, and habitat conservation and restoration.

Membership Dues

The IBBA Board of Directors has set the Membership Dues for the current year as follows:

Corporate Dues: $300.00
Regular Dues: $160.00
Second Membership Dues: $105.00
International (non-US) Dues: $105.00
Associate Dues: $105.00
Student Dues: $55.00
Honorary / Advisory not applicable
Sponsor by agreement

New members (i.e. anyone who has not previously been an IBBA member) who joins after August, will receive a credit for the next year’s dues for the difference between membership cost and the pro rata rate as follows:

Pro rata example:  Regular membership dues are $160.00.  If paid in Q2, the credit is $40.00, Q3 the credit is $80, and Q4 $120.00 credit towards the following year’s dues.

Joining Q2 Sept – Nov Joining Q3 Dec – Feb Joining Q4 Mar – May
Corporate Dues: $225.00 $150.00 $75.00
Regular Dues: $120.00 $80.00 $40.00
Second Membership Dues: $80.00 $55.00 $30.00
International (non-US) Dues: $80.00 $55.00 $30.00
Associate Dues: $80.00 $55.00 $30.00
Student Dues: $45.00 $30.00 $15.00

Dues are normally payable on June 1st of each year, however rejoining member payment will not be considered in arrears until after June 30. Dues may be paid by any credit card or PayPal account. Each membership is entitled to all benefits that IBBA offers for that level. Current members’ dues are payable on or before June 1st of the year covered by the dues. Notice will be given to any member that has not paid by June 1. If dues remain unpaid by June 30, the non-paying member will be removed from member list and benefits will cease. Membership dues for delinquent members will be paid at the normal annual rate upon reinstatement to membership. Once a delinquent member is removed from the list, no member discounts or benefits will be available until reinstatement to good standing. Only members in good standing (paid dues) and in the membership Levels indicated below will be eligible to vote in that year’s elections.

Membership Levels, Benefits and Definitions

Membership Level definition IBBA Password Area IBBA Mailing List Eligible to Vote in IBBA Elections Eligible for Nomination to Board Advertise on Website Participate in Beginners Workshops
Corporate Member Corporate Member: One price for as many employees as are in the business. One vote per corporate membership.
Full Member Regular (Full) Member: Full access to all IBBA member benefits. Applies to the first paying member on a membership account.
Second Full Member Second Full Member: Companies with more than one paying member receive a reduced rate for 2nd and subsequent members.
International Member International Member: Same benefits as Regular/Full Member but resides outside the U.S.A..
Honorary Member Honorary Member / Granted by Board.
Advisory Board Member Advisory Board Member: Board Appointed. Access to password area of website & IBBA Mailing List granted on individual basis at Board’s discretion.
Associate Member Associate Member: Members related to butterfly industry, but not selling butterflies and moths. Individuals who derive an income from the Butterfly industry are not eligible to become Associate members.
Student Member Student Member: Enrolled in any school. Individuals who derive an income from the Butterfly industry are not eligible to become Student Members.
Sponsor Member Sponsor Member: An opportunity to support the work of IBBA! Please contact us to discuss this special option! Interested parties who derive income (although possibly indirectly) from the industry. These individuals will receive certain benefits of Membership in the Association with the exception of voting rights and nomination to Board.

Renewing Members

IBBA Members: your membership renews in June of each year. Information about membership categories and dues rates can be found above. Please note that the pro rata reductions do not apply to existing or former members.

Ready To Join?

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Please e-mail the Membership Services Coordinator if you need to discuss payment options or if you have any other questions about making your payment.