Release Labels

The attached file is a page of labels to be used on the INSIDE of release envelopes or boxes. The labels say to plant milkweed, etc. and see the Monarch Watch, IBBA and Butterfly Websites. Please feel free to download … Read More

Interesting Links

A place to buy sell, trade entomological specimens and related items. Free classifieds, discussion forum, suppliers listings, bookstore, links, and more. Pesticide Database Web Site The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Pesticide Database Web site is “your one-stop location for … Read More

PVC Sandwich Cage-Building Technique

Over the years I have tried a number of different methods but one method stands out head and shoulders above the others. Take a length of PVC pipe of the same diameter you are already using and cut it lengthwise. … Read More

PVC Sandwich Technique: More Structures!

  click to see enlargement The butterfly house is covered with 60% shade cloth. It sat for months with the ends open while we tried to figure out how to enclose it. Then there was the famous “PVC sandwich” posting!!! … Read More

Green Milkweed

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Interesting Fact

In the last 32 years, Insect Lore has shipped out over 8 million Painted Lady larvae; and Monarch Watch Program has shipped 250,000 Monarch larvae in the last 8 years. No damage to local butterfly populations nor to the environment … Read More

Sexing Monarch Pupae

Butterfly guru Nigel Venters has provided this excellent illustration which shows clearly how to tell the sex of Monarch butterfly pupae. This is just one of the subjects to be covered at The Commercial Butterfly Breeders Seminar, which will be … Read More

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