Butterflies and Souls

Releasing butterflies at funerals or memorials not only takes away the sorrow of the event but gives great hope that one day their loved one will return with brightly colored wings just to let them know that “all is well.” … Read More

Why Buy From The IBBA

Nurturing a butterfly caterpillar into a beautiful adult makes for memories of a lifetime. The joy of making a wish and setting a butterfly free will put a smile on the face of anyone. Watching the anticipation and excitement in … Read More

A Simple Method for Collecting Milkweed Seeds

Why Harvest Milkweed Seeds? There are many reasons to collect and grow seeds from your garden, especially milkweed seeds. Regional Variation Maybe you have a milkweed plant that you or a neighbor really liked last season, and you want to … Read More

Got Milkweed?

Plant Milkweed and Help The IBBA Save Our Monarchs Monarchs need your help. Planting milkweed is the easiest thing a person can do to help the monarchs. Milkweed Planting Instructions To increase the germination rate, wrap the seeds in a … Read More

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IBBA Continuing Education Program Seals

IBBA Continuing Education Seals have been awarded to the following members for their participation in the following IBBA Continuing Education Courses: IBBA Procedures for Raising O.e.-Free Monarchs – Connie Hodsdon of Flutterby Gardens of Manatee, January 2016. David Bohlken Val … Read More

IBBA Logo Download and Use

IBBA members wishing to use the IBBA logo in any manner must abide by the following rules: The IBBA logo may be used on web pages provided it is smaller than any company logo or identity typeface. In other words, it must … Read More

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