Fans, Air Movement, Humidity and Temperatures

Introduction The Growing Environment The most overlooked environmental factor affecting plant growth inside a growing environment or growing structure is airflow. Getting just the right degree of air movement across a leaf surface is vital to good production and yields … Read More

Portable, Inexpensive Soft-sided Cages

Need an inexpensive rearing cage for a variety of purposes? Look for portable bag-type laundry hampers available at many discount stores. The hamper consists of a nylon mesh bag that fits over a PVC-type frame. Cost is generally around $8.00 … Read More

Building a Growing Cylinder

Build the growing cylinder with wood post or with 4″ pvc post. Attach circular plywood plates at top and bottom.  (Optional: Cut half of the bottom out of a plastic pot and slide it down over the post, so that it … Read More

Hasta Gro: Make Your Own!

Hi members, A while back there was discussion about the great fertilizer product called HASTA GRO, which is the organic alternative to Miracle Grow. The Hasta Gro is available in Texas through Marshall Grain in Ft. Worth, or through Medina … Read More

Spring Migration Map (March 21, 2002)

Here’s this spring’s migration map as of Thursday: Since that time, monarchs have also been reported in Mississippi and Florida–as well as the unusual North Carolina sighting that Chip forwarded to this list yesterday. A sudden wave moved into … Read More

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