Shipping Monarch Pupae

Although this is not as wonderful as those boxes used by Swallowtail Farms and is definitely more work, here is a good alternative method for shipping monarch pupae. This has worked pretty well for me. Through mail order, I purchase … Read More

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Because of the volumes of Everclear in my pantry, my 3 grown children accused me of being a lush. “Mom, what is all this, and the beer?” My reply was, “The beer is for the lawn and the Everclear is … Read More

Filters for Washing Monarch Eggs

When performing egg washes for Monarch eggs, instead of using a coffee filter, try using a non-gauze milk filter. These can be purchased from Ken Ag (800) 338-7953. They are 6-1/2″ round disks that are used to filter the milk … Read More

Aphis nerii – Q&A

Q: On the new leaves of our curassavica that are rooting there are “herds” of what I might call “ticks” (on the bottom side). They appear to have the same yellow-gold fluid when crushed as the aphids that we are … Read More

How to Easily Spot a Web

Many spiders build their webs either in the early morning or evening and leave them up just for that day or night, after which they will eat their web and recycle most of the protein, making new silk for the … Read More

Aluminum Frame for Butterfly Cage

Here is a sketch for a butterfly cage. I realise you guys already using similar design with PVC but I could not find small enough PVC joints and aluminium (aluminum) could be somewhat stronger. To build the cage, get eight … Read More

A Great Galvanized Folding Tomato Cage

Hi Farmers, Check out the link above. These tomato cages would be great frames for butterfly habitats/growing chambers. Use some parasite proof netting to make a sock that fits the frame, pulling it down over the top and down. … Read More

Mobile Hydroponic Milkweed Cups

Mobile hydroponic milkweed cups can be taken out of the hydroponic nutrient system and placed into a container with rocks in the surrounding space, and fill partially with water, to below the top of the rocks. Your plants will stay … Read More

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