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International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc. Bonnie McInturf

Bonnie McInturf

2020 Board Member

Phone: 916-532-5119


Business: The Butterfly Lab


About Me

My obsession with butterflies and moths began when I found a colorful moth on the doorstep of a building after a long day at school. I picked her up so no one would step on her, and she laid eggs all over a paper bag in my car! 

Several generations later, I had 500 caterpillars I was raising in a garden shed, sawing off branches and dragging them home to feed them. I was addicted, and soon discovered the International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA), which has been an invaluable resource and network of friends. 

I have a background in technical writing and medical research, and now I want to share my experience with butterflies and insect rearing with as many people as I can through my business, The Butterfly Lab.  

I bring butterflies to public events. People are shocked and delighted, take pictures of themselves posing with the butterflies, and post to social media. Word of you and your event spreads long after the original occasion. I also create content for social media and other creative outlets. 

The Butterfly Lab is dedicated to raising healthy butterflies and moths for education, research, and releases! 

Contact me if you have a question or just want to brainstorm new ideas! 

Instagram: @thebutterflylab

LinkedIn: Bonnie M. McInturf

Facebook: Bonnie McInturf