BOD present: David Bohlken, Connie Hodsdon, David Wahl, John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, and Darlene Loo-McDowell

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 PM EST


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 EST

Old Business:

The minutes from the February 18, 2019 meeting were approved

Treasurer Report – Darlene will email a budget draft for discussion before the next meeting. The board decided to keep around $1,000 in the PayPal account for bill payment

Committee Reports – nothing discussed

Membership – David will email promotional Early Bird membership pricing to all members. $119 for full membership if paid by May 15th, 2019. This rate will be offered to all new members paid by March 15th as well. This is a one-time discount.

Connie will work with Savi on updating the website so that members can click on a link to renew their membership at the special rate.

Education – nothing discussed

Regulatory – nothing discussed

Resolution – nothing discussed

Website – The board member profiles are posted on the website along with the Mexico trip photos

New Business

Trip to Belize:

  • All money received and paid for this trip will go through PayPal (no special account).
  • David will contact Kathy to discuss sending out another email to remind members of the March 30th deadline. He will also find out from Kathy what her target number of participants was based on to create the pricing for the trip. The 25% down payment for the rooms will become due in the near future.
  • John Dailey will contact Kathy to help with marketing the trip.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM Eastern Time