BOD Present:

John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Karen Reed, Darlene Loo-McDowell, Jachus Sundby, Todd Stout, Fran LeMasters, Matt Campbell and Connie Hodsdon

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 PM EST by John Dailey.


Minutes from the February 15, 2021 meeting were reviewed.  Fran LeMasters motioned for approval and Darlene Loo-McDowell second. The minutes were approved by all.

Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed, Todd Stout motioned for approval and Karen Reed second. The financials were approved by all.

  • Connie reported that there were three (3) new members
  • The video project on egg production is on hold due to Covid

Old Business:

Social Media:

  • Jachus reported on the strategic plan for social media site postings. It was decided by the social media committee that the purchase of software for posting is not necessary.
  • The committee has developed a rotating schedule to posts three (3) items per week to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest . Rick Mikula has been doing a lot of posts.


  • The development of a course in Hydroponics and plant propagation was suggested at a previous meeting. John Dailey conducted a membership survey and there was a good response. However, after discussing the use of Hydroponics with people who have tried this growing method some of the negatives are:
    • There is a huge investment in equipment and set up
    • There are several methods
    • It is hard to maintain
    • Control of water temperature is crucial
  • Based on this feedback it was decided not to pursue this as a course offering at this time.

2021 IBBA Conference:

  • The date for the 2021 Conference has been set for November 4-6
  • John contacted David Bohlken and he is available to host the convention at his farm in Oklahoma.
  • Plans will be made for a location conference with the option of participating in a virtual format for members who are not yet comfortable with travel. A virtual conference will be offered to all if Covid restrictions warrant.
  • Kathy again requested suggestions on potential speakers. It was suggested that Bryan Reynolds an Oklahoma photographer and Bruce Walsh who works in genetics be contacted and considered. Matt will contact David James an Entomologist who conducts a program at a penitentiary on raising monarchs.
  • The reclamation of an oil well by planting milkweed will be one of the activities.

Monarch Status:

  • It was previously discussed if the IBBA should respond to the letter the Xerces Society sent to Fish and Wildlife with regard to the Monarch being classified as an endangered species.
  • John Dailey contacted David Bohlken and he advised not interact at this time. He feels that Fish and Wildlife do not want to do anything as the enforcement and money involved is prohibitive.

New Business

  • Annual IBBA dues are due on May 31  How to retain the current IBBA membership of 125 people who may not have the funds to continue their membership was discussed.  Some of the suggestion considered were:
    • Establish a payment plan
    • Offer 2021 membership at half price
    • Offer an Early Bird special price of $119 due by a specified date and keep the price of membership at $160.
  • Since the cost membership was granted as Covid Relief for last year to all IBBA members, it was decided that the Early Bird option with the flexibility to make payment installments would be offered by request. John agreed to write an announcement to sent via e-mail to the membership.
  • A motion was made by Todd Stout and second by Darlene Loo- McDowell to offer a free membership to Monrita Tate’s daughter for her Social Media site work. This was approved by all.

Industry Bias:

  • The board discussed the recent negative information against breeders and how and where to responds with positive and accurate information.
  • It was decided that a spread sheet (library system) be created to provide easy access to reference information and articles to use in response.  Jachus agreed to create the data base spread sheet with information contributions.    

Meeting adjourned 9:09 PM  EST.