BOD Present:

John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Bonnie McInturf, Karen Reed, Monrita Tate, Rose Franklin, Fran LeMasters, Matt Campbell and Executive Director, Connie Hodsdon.

The meeting was called to order at 8:011 PM EST by John Dailey.

Each board member was asked to introduce themselves and share their interest and /or involvement in the butterfly industry.

John Dailey, CA – Provides large scale exhibits all across the country, he does not breed the butterflies for his exhibits.

Lauren Tafoya, VA – Manages the Norfolk Botanical Garden Butterfly Exhibit providing the butterflies, educational programs and volunteer training.

Karen Reed, ID – Runs a butterfly House on property from May – September. She and her husband conduct educational tours for school, senior centers, and tourists.  She also has a mobile exhibit.

Todd Stout, UT – In 2010 he created his website, Raising Butterflies DIY where he provided educational material and breeding equipment. He conducts field trips and is active in monarch conservation.

Bonnie McInturf, CA – Is a technical copy writer, she raises a variety of butterflies and moths and provides educational exhibits and kits.  She has been the lead person posting to the IBBA’s social media platforms.

Rose Franklin, PA – Raises and sells butterfly eggs and caterpillars through her internet site, she also grows and sells milkweed and other butterfly host plants.

Matt Campbell, OR – He operates Sagebrush Butterflies with his wife.   They offer live butterfly pupae, butterfly wing jewelry and shadowbox frames.   

Monrita Tate, TN – Operates Milkweed and Honey Farm which has focused on mobile exhibiting.  She intends to now shift to funeral and memorials.

The 2021 slate of IBBA Board Members as voted by the general membership was approved.

The general membership during its annual meeting voted to amend the IBBA bylaws to allow IBBA board members to serve four (4) consecutive two (2) year terms. The bylaws previously allowed for three (3) consecutive two (2) year terms.

Officers for the 2021 IBBA Board were nominated and approved as follows: John Dailey, President; Darlene Loo-McDowell, Vice-President; Lauren Tafoya, Secretary; Connie Hodsdon, Treasure.


Minutes from the November 16, 2020 meeting were reviewed.  Todd Stout motioned for approval and Matt Campbell seconded. The minutes were approved by all.

Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed, Karen Reed motioned for approval and Lauren Tafoya seconded. The financials were approved by all.

  • Connie reported that the IBBA conference did not generated enough income to pay for itself.
  • Most of the 2020 expense was for web site development.
  • Video Production expenses are still outstanding.

Old Business:

New Business

  • A discussion on making the 2020 IBBA Conference presentations available for purchase to members and non- members that did not attend the conference was discussed at length. Many suggestions as to the pricing were made.  It was decided to continue the discussion in an on-line conversation as there were many differing opinions.

    (Post meeting this idea was placed on hold as Connie Hodsdon reported it was not feasible at this time)

Goals for 2021:

  • A discussion on the goals the Board might focus on for the upcoming year included:
  1. Continue to pursue advertising through google ads to the funeral directors and continue to promote educational kits.
  2. Build a Painted Lady course available to all members. Corrianne will work with Connie in developing a multi session course.
  3. Assist members in establishing a market for the sale of Painted Lady rearing kits. Karen volunteered to assist members in establishing a local marketing strategy.  Through her sales her clients stated they prefer to buy locally.
  4. Monarch Restoration- Todd will keep the board and membership abreast of the political situation and the impact as the change of administration might again raise opposition to breeding.
  5. Develop an educational video course on egg production. Dan Dunwoody has agreed to host the course.
  6. John suggested the development of a course in Hydroponics and plant propagation. Things to consider are course objectives, availability of subject experts, course curriculum, production cost and course fees.  John will take on the research to develop such a course.

    Todd suggested a survey of the membership via survey monkey to ascertain the level of interest. John will pose the question to the membership via the IBBA site.

Social Media:

  • Bonnie asked for the development of a social media plan for the year. She currently posts three (3) items per week to Facebook and Instagram. However, she may not have the time to keep that pace.
  • Board members were asked if they would take on the task/responsibility of some of the social media posting.
  • The question was raised if it would be justified to allocate money to hire someone to manage the social media sites.
  • It was asked how many visitors to the IBBA web site were driven by the social media posts. Connie reported that no new members were derived through this.
  • It was decided that a sub-committee would meet separately to develop a strategic plan for social media site postings

2021 IBBA Conference:

Kathy Marshburn asked the board to discussion the potential of hosting a conference again this year in lieu of travel to a foreign destination.  Plans need to be developed by June before the start of the business season.

Kathy would like input on possible speakers.  Plans would be made for both a virtual and location conference, the decision as to which format being made by June with the development of the COVID-19 situation.

John will contact David Bohlken to ascertain his availability/willingness to host the convention at his farm in Oklahoma.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 PM EST