BOD present: Connie Hodsdon, John Daily, David Bolken, John Wahl, Todd Stout, Liz Cannedy, Kathy Marshburn, Keri Wright and Darlene Loo-McDowell,

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 PM EST


Election of Officers:

President: David Bolken

Vice President: John Daily

Treasurer: Liz Cannedy (as long as John agrees to do the tax returns)

Secretary: Darlene Loo-McDowell



Finance: Keri Wright

Regulatory: David Bohlken & John Wahl

Conservation & Outreach: David Bohlken

Convention: Kathy Marshburn

Education: Todd Stout

Website refresh: Connie Hodsdon


Past President: Connie Hodsdon

Executive Assistant: Bonnie McInturf

Liaison to USDA: Kathy Marshburn

Media Contact: Dale McClung

Political Director: John Wahl

Membership Services: Liz Cannedy & Connie Hodsdon

Website & List MGR: Connie Hodsdon

Butterfly Professionals Conference: Kathy Marshburn

Committee Reports

Website: Connie Hodsdon will continue to work on the website. She will train with Savi on Thursday on added and deleting members. Liz will join the meeting so that she can get cross trained. Otherwise, the website is almost done.

Todd will send Connie the links to his videos to add to the website.

Membership: Connie Hodsdon and Liz Cannedy. Membership applications will go to Connie. She will welcome the new member via email and pass the information to John Wahl so that he can make a personal welcome call.

One new member this month: John Wilchynski

Finance: Keri Wright will be the head of this committee with guidance from other board members

Regulatory: David Bolken and John Wahl

Social Media: Bonnie McInturf

Media Liaison: Dale McClung

Liaison to the USDA: Kathy Marshburn

Minutes for the December 18, 2017 was reviewed and approved.

Financial Report (Liz)

The Financial Report was reviewed and approved.

Federal taxes are due in May. State taxes due March 1st. John will have both done by the next board meeting.

Education: Connie Hodsdon will continue to do the InfoShares once a month, but possibly change the date or the time so that more members can attend.

Conference: Kathy Marshburn and Todd Stout. Conference dates are November 7-11. The shuttle to the hotel still needs to be worked out, but the title “2018 IBBA Convention” or “Butterfly Professional Convention” was suggested as titles for the event.

David will call Wayne tomorrow to schedule his attendance at the conference.

Connie and John Wahl will continue to contact someone from Rubio’s office; preferable an agriculture person.

Mexico: 36 people going on the trip. Discussion on possibility of future trips to Mexico. Only full members (and spouses) should qualify for membership price. There was a suggestion of creating a non-refundable deposit that would be required. Will discuss further after this year’s trip is over.

Resolution: Waiting until there is an appointment for USDA.

Unfinished Business

Liz: Seed Packets. 5,000 packets will be ordered. John Daily will sell 1,500 packets at the next show at $1 each and all of the proceeds will go to help the rangers in Mexico. He will need the seeds by mid-February. All members requesting packets would get 20 packets at no charge.

Adjourned at 9:12 EST