BOD Present:

David Bohlken, John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Todd Stout, Connie Hodsdon, Darlene Loo-McDowell, Bonnie McInturf, Judi Fulks, Monrita Tate, Karen Reed.

The meeting was called to order at 8:03 PM EST by David Bohlken.


The motion to approve the 2020 slate of IBBA Board Members as voted by the general membership was approved.

Officers for the 2020 IBBA Board were nominated and approved as follows: John Dailey, President; Darlene Loo-McDowell, Vice President; Lauren Tafoya, Secretary; Connie Hodsdon, Treasure.

Each board member was asked to introduce themselves & share their interest and/or involvement in the industry.

  • John Dailey, CA – Provides large scale exhibits all across the country, he does not breed the butterflies for his exhibits.
  • Darlene Loo-McDowell, HI – Provides butterflies for weddings and other events, education in school, as well as exhibits.
  • Lauren Tafoya, VA – Manages the Norfolk Botanical Garden Butterfly House, providing the butterflies and educational programs & volunteer training for that exhibit.
  • Bonnie McInturf, CA – Is a technical copy writer, raises a variety of butterflies and provides educational exhibits.
  • Karen Reed – Has a Butterfly House on her property open from May –September where she conducts educational tours. She and her husband raised herbs.
  • Connie Hudsdon – Has been raising butterflies commercially for 20 years. She has served on the IBBA Board for 6 years in the roles of President and Executive Director
  • Todd Stout – Joined the IBBA board in 2013, in 2010 he created his website, Raising Butterflies DIY. He conducts field trips, is active in monarch conservation and is currently writing a book on Utah Butterflies.
  • Judi Folks – Has been raising since 2008 and currently rears 30 species. She is involved in community outreach and school programs as well as providing exhibits.

Minutes from the November 18, 2019 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer Report:

The Treasurers report was reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

Belize Trip:

Lauren will contact Tropical Wings Eco Center to discuss how the IBBA might support their efforts of educating the general public on the diversity of Butterflies in Belize and the necessity of preserving the rain forests of Belize.

New Business

Western Monarch Conference:

Todd Stout presented highlights from the Western Monarch Conference:

  • Key speakers were Chip Taylor and Robert Michael Pyle.
  • Chip Taylor presented a data review focusing on the effect climate and conditions in Texas in March prior to northward migration affect population, degradation of habitat, and disease v/s habitat.
  • Dr. Pyle announced that research concludes eastern and western monarchs are identical with no genetic differences.
  • Matt Foster noted that other butterfly species are currently more affected by climate and loss of habitat than the monarch.

IBBA Priorities for 2020:

• John Dailey suggested that the board set priorities for the coming year and allocate funds to each of the designated priorities. It was agreed that budget allocations would be drafted and voted upon after a review of the monetary needs of each designated priority. It was decided that the priority areas of focus would be:

2020 IBBA Conference to be held in Oklahoma:

The conference is a premiere function of the IBBA held every two years.

Conference topics IBBA members requested in response to the on line survey are being reviewed by those planning the event. An effort to identify expert presenters to conduct sessions on the subjects requested by members is underway.

Regulations affecting the industry by government agencies:

Government regulations will remain an ongoing priority of the IBBA.

Monrita Tate inquired as to how the IBBA might assist members with local government issues such as habitat preservation, no mow areas, mosquito control and pesticide use. It was suggested these issue topics might be packaged as a presentation for use by members when engaging with local officials.

Education and educational materials for IBBA members:

Connie reviewed how successful the Info Share session are and suggested a special session be arranged with Rick Mikula. A motion was made and passed that Rick Mikula be paid as a contractor to provide six (6) informational sessions, the subject matter of each session to be determined. The board agreed to compensation of $300 per session.

It was suggested that the six sessions be conducted on “Go to Webinar’ or “Facebook Live” and be recorded for viewing by members at any time in the future.

Other subjects of educational importance such as propagation, pathology and production will continue to be developed as instructional sessions.

Support to others in areas the IBBA has traveled to on its bi-annual trips:

It was agreed that the IBBA continue to support Butterflies and Their People in Mexico and pursue supporting Tropical Butterflies Eco Center in Belize.

IBBA Trips:

The next IBBA excursion is to Costa Rica on November 6-14 2021. Connie suggested the creation of a Facebook page for the IBBA trip to Costa Rica. Bonnie McIntuf & Monrita Tate agreed to collaborate on that project.

Meeting adjourned at 9:24 PM EST