BOD present: Connie Hodsdon, John Daily, David Bolken, John Wahl, Todd Stout, Kathy Marshburn, Keri Wright and Darlene Loo-McDowell

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM EST


Minutes for the January 15, 2018 was reviewed and approved.

Election of Officers:

President: David Bolken

Vice President: John Daily

Treasurer: Liz Cannedy (as long as John agrees to do the tax returns)

Secretary: Darlene Loo-McDowell

Committee Reports

Website: Connie Hodsdon – there will be a section on the website where members can post their Mexico photos. A suggestion was made to add butterfly flowers and host plants by region to the web (list the top 10 plants in each region).

Membership: Connie Hodsdon – no discussion

Finance:  Keri Wright –John and Keri to work on financial reports that will be ready for the next board meeting to include a copy of the bank statement and PayPal statement.


David Bolken and John Wahl – no changes to regs. There was a cut in funding and resources so scheduled changes were all put on hold.

Social Media: Bonnie McInturf – no discussion

Media Liaison: Dale McClung

Liaison to the USDA: Kathy Marshburn – no discussion

Education: Todd Stout – working on education for the November conference

Conference: Kathy Marshburn – All of the big details are finished. There is not a lot of time for classroom presentations.

Need to push more hands on presentations. Suggested topics were:

  • What is the optimal environment and procedures to raise healthy butterflies?
  • Disease prevention

Connie suggested that the information be shared on a poster. Since Keri will be visiting Connie, she will create a list of learning points as she goes through the mentorship process with Connie.

Suggestion made to create a VIP reception: $100 ticket to have dinner with Chip Taylor. This will help offset Chip’s fee since sponsorship will be more difficult. David will get Chip’s availability and will work with Kathy on scheduling.

Future conferences every other year is okay. On the years that IBBA does not have a conference, suggestion was made to plan a trip.

Todd will work on a plan for conference registration.

 Conservation/Resolution: David Bolken

Unfinished Business


The seeds are scheduled to be delivered to Connie by the end of the week. She will send a bunch to John Daily to offer for sale at his upcoming show. Connie will germinate some of the seeds before sending them out to the members.

David will work on writing up instructions for planting the seeds on large parcels of land.


In reference to the email from Linda Rogers, David stated that he was very straightforward in explaning to her that there is not stated Lifetime membership in the association by-laws. If she want to become a member, she is able to join the IBBA.


It was discussed and decided that one person, many businesses equals one membership. Two persons, many businesses equals two membership. Each person should have their own membership.

This should be stated clearer on the website so there is no questions on membership requirements.


John will create a GoFundMe account with a $1,500 goal by April to help pay for boots for the arborists. The plan is to have three campaigns with the last one just before the Christmas holiday. “Buying boots for the arborists will make a huge impact for North America”. Once created, Connie will add the link to the IBBA website.


Up to $500 was approved to create templates that members can use:

                  Business cards

                  Wedding releases

                  Funeral releases

                  General releases

Connie will ask Savi to create the templates for the association.

Adjourned at 9:20 EST