BOD present: David Bohlken, Connie Hodsdon, John Daily, Todd Stout, Liz Cannedy, and Darlene Loo-McDowell

The meeting was called to order at 8:06 PM EST


Treasurer report – Liz will send a breakdown of financials every month before the next board meeting.

Committee Reports

Membership – nothing discussed

Education – nothing discussed


Todd will follow up with Savi on the links to the conference on the IBBA website.

John will send out the reports for the last conference.

Regulatory – nothing discussed

Resolution – nothing discussed

Unfinished Business

$1,200 committed by John Daily for the sale of seeds at his events.

New Business   

Liz was given permission to test Quick Books Enterprise via a 30 day trial period. She will report her findings/experience at the next board meeting to see if that would be a good option to manage the financial data.

Honorary Memberships:

It was motioned and seconded that Liz Cannedy and Bonnie McInturf be given honorary memberships for 2018 for all of the services. They do not any generate sales and have donated their time to the organization.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM EST