BOD Present:

John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Bonnie McInturf, Karen Reed, Monrita Tate, Rose Franklin, Darlene Loo-McDowell, Jachus Sundby, Todd Stout and Kathy Marshburn

The meeting was called to order at 8:08 PM EST by John Dailey.


Minutes from the January 18, 2021 meeting were reviewed.  Darlene Loo- McDowell motioned for approval and Rose Franklin second. The minutes were approved by all.

Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed, Lauren Tafoya motioned for approval and Todd Stout second. The financials were approved by all.

Old Business:

Social Media:

  • Monrita and Jachus reported on the meeting of the sub committee who are developing a strategic plan for social media site postings.
  • They have developed a rotating schedule among the committee to posts three (3) items per week to Facebook and Instagram.
  • A Pinterest page has been established.  This site is a different demographic, mostly hobbyist, and will reach a large group of people.
  • Todd suggested posting material the social media sites using a “future date”. He will assist in mentoring on this process.
  • It was asked how many visitors to the IBBA web site were driven by the social media posts and is there a way to measure the accomplishment of social media postings.
  • Monrita Tate will report on the strategic plan at each meeting.
  • Monrita asked the board to look at the post and give feedback.


  • The development of a course in Hydroponics and plant propagation was suggested at a previous meeting. A membership survey was conducted and there was a good response.
  • John Dailey will create a “learning objectives” document. Things to consider are course objectives, availability of subject experts, course curriculum, production cost and course fees. 

2021 IBBA Conference:

  • Kathy Marshburn asked the board to continue to develop a 2021 IBBA Conference plan. Plans need to be developed by June before the start of the business season.
  • Plans should be made for both a virtual and location conference, the decision as to which or if both formats will be offered needs to be made by June and will be driven by the development of the COVID-19 situation.
  • John contacted David Bohlken and he is available to host the convention at his farm in Oklahoma. However, the IBBA needs to ascertain the required deadline for commitment of use of his facility.
  • Kathy again requested suggestions on potential speakers.

New Business

Monarch Status:

  • The question was raised if the IBBA should respond to the letter the Xerces Society sent to Fish and Wildlife with regard to the Monarch being classified as an endangered species.
  • A discussion on the potential need to retain a lawyer, lobbyist, consultant or a DC contact to represent the IBBA was considered.
  • Kathy Marshburn stated that the IBBA has the responsibility to protect our industry. We have members who have experience in dealing with these issues and have addressed issues with state legislators in the past.
  • John Dailey will contact David Bohlken to assist in drafting a letter to Fish and Wildlife.

Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM EST