BOD Present:

John Dailey, Lauren Tafoya, Darlene Loo-McDowell, Bonnie McInturf, Karen Reed, Parker Bautner, Monrita Tate and Executive Director, Connie Hodsdon

The meeting was called to order at 8:11 PM EST


Minutes from the March 16, 2020 meeting were reviewed. Karen Reed motioned for approval and Monrita Tate second. The minutes were approved by all.

Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

Old Business:


Funeral Directors:

  • John Dailey reported that the 1/6-page ad copy for the Funeral Directors Magazine is prepared, however it was decided to postpone the launch due to the current Corona Virus restrictions on group gatherings causing many funerals to be held in a virtual mode. When launched the ad will run 2 to 3 months at $600 per montJh. It was suggested that the add be placed as soon as restrictions are lifted as it may take several months to get the funeral directors to respond and promote.
  • John also reported that the advertisement for Google geared to butterfly releases at funeral services was also prepared but that too was being delayed.

Educational Rearing Kits:

  • The placement of a google ad for educational rearing kits is being coordinated with production and availability which should be mid-May. This timing will also be affected by the permit process and when the permits will be granted. All IBBA members are encouraged to apply for this new permit option even if they are not currently prepared to participate in rearing kit sales.
  • Kathy Marshburn will prepare a video on the permit application process that will be available to all IBBA members through a Webinar and the IBBA web site.
  • The Google ad for Educational Kits should cost 2-3 cents per click, and a dollar amount needs to be budgeted and voted upon for this advertising.
  • Karen Reed discussed the importance of selecting seven (7) key words in the online advertising copy that would place the IBBA at the top of the search engine field. Karen, Monrita and Bonnie will work with John on the “key word” selection.
  • John will prepare an e-mail to all IBBA members asking them to assist in the key word selection process.  

Social Media:

  • How to increase the presence of the IBBA on social media sites in order to gain a better position on Google advertising was discussed. Suggestion included: encourage all members to “like” the IBBA Facebook page & share “likes” on all social media platforms.
  • Bonnie McInturf will start posting IBBA information to all platforms to include YouTube, Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Membership dues:

  • IBBA membership dues are due June 1st. Due to the loss of income many members are facing, it is a concern that many will not be able to renew and continue their IBBA membership. It was decided that the membership dues be waived for the 2020-2021 operational year for all current members. John will prepare an announcement to the current members of this IBBA CARES act.

IBBA Conference:

  • A discussion on the possible need to cancel the Novembers IBBA Conference in Oklahoma and when such a decision needed to be made was deferred to the May meeting. It was proposed that the final decision needed to be made and announced by June.

New Business

  • The IBBA received a request from Tropical Wings Nature Center in Belize to fund the purchase of a water pump. Due to the impact of the Global Pandemic they are facing a water crisis and may be forced to shut down their facility.
  • A motion was made by Lauren Tafoya and seconded by Monrita Tate to  provide $400.00 to Tropical Wings for the purchase of a water pump.
  • John suggested we ask for pictures from Tropical Wings of the pump in use that we could use on our social media platforms showing our support of fellow international butterfly operations.

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 PM EST