Board of Directors 2023

Jachus Sundby

Darlene Loo-McDowell

Lauren Tafoya

Monrita Tate

Todd Stout

Karen Reed

Fran LeMasters

Ryan Malone

Roberta Vigil


Board President

Jachus Sundby


Ryan Malone


Connie Hodsdon


Karen Reed

Note 1. The election to the 2023 BOD was a slate.  2. As per the Bylaws, a Vote of Confidence in the new Board was passed by eligible members during the Annual Meeting of Members in January 2023.

Note 2. Slate: Slate: If the number of nominees does not exceed the number of available posts, a ballot is not required, but the new Board must be confirmed in a Vote of Confidence by the members.

Special Posts

Note 3. Officer posts (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus any other officer posts that the Board may wish to appoint)

Executive Director

Connie Hodsdon

Liaison to USDA/Regulatory Officials

Kathy Marshburn

Media Contact

Dale McClung

Political Director

John Wahl

Membership Services Coordinator

Connie Hodsdon

Website & List Manager

Connie Hodsdon, Ryan Malone

Butterfly Professionals Convention

Kathy Marshburn

Social Media

Roberta Vigil, Monrita Tate, Todd Stout, Karen Reed, and Ryan Malone