September 8, 2000 

A special meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Butterfly Breeders Association, a Delaware non-profit trade association (the “Association”) was held on September 8, 2000, via telephone conference.  


The meeting was called to order by Melanie McCarthy, acting chair, at 10:00 PM EST.

The following directors were present, constituting a quorum:

  • Steve Connolley
  • Velma Begley
  • Melanie McCarthy
  • Dale McClung
  • Jacob Groth
  • Jon Timko
  • Michael Mintz 
  • The following members were present.
  • Kathleen Ziemer
  • Linda Rogers

(Due to the vote at this meeting to change the minutes format, these minutes will be written to reflect their alignment to the evening’s agenda as provided by Melanie McCarthy. The secretary requests feedback and suggestions for changes and improvement in this format) 


Minutes from 7/24, 2000 were unanimously approved.

Past Minutes from 1999 were unavailable. 


Treasurer was unable to attend.

Renewal issue was discussed.

Will memberships be pro-rated, and how will the treasurer be able to manage renewal reminder notices?

Board requests a recommendation from treasurer to help in resolving this issue. 

NEW BUSINESS               

Board Vacancy

Call for nominations.

Board accepted the resignation of Steve Connolley from the BOD with regret.

Michael Mintz and Jon Timko nominated Steve Connolley to serve on the Advisory Board. The motion was unanimously approved.

Melanie McCarthy nominated Linda Rogers to fill an open seat on the BOD. Dale McClung seconded. Linda Rogers was unanimously approved by the BOD

Melanie McCarthy nominated Peggy Hatcher. Velma seconded.

Michael Mintz nominated Rick Mikula. Directors discussed R. Mikula’s interest in and availability for serving in this capacity. 

Chair called for a decision on the Peggy Hatcher motion. Peggy was approved, 5 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

Begley: yes

Groth: yes

McClung: yes

McCarthy: yes

Mintz: abstain

Timko: yes 

During post meeting discussion via email, Michael Mintz requested that his view point on this matter and motion go on the record of these minutes as an attachment. 

Jon Timko will report results to membership. 

Status of IRS Application

Michael Mintz is willing to contact treasurer for a report. Offer accepted by general agreement. 


Jacob Groth made a motion to create a committee to arrange presentations via bridgetime. Melanie McCarthy seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Linda offered to coordinate with Jacob on this effort with the “ask a mentor program” on the Website. 


Political Action Committee-conference call with Dr. Wayne Wehling was discussed.

Meeting scheduled for Thursday September 21 at 8 PM.

Annual Convention-

Almost at break even point, conference is “a go”

Publications- Melanie McCarthy made a motion that the format of the reporting of the minutes is left to the discretion of the secretary.

Begley: yes

Groth: yes

McCarthy: yes

McClung: yes

Mintz: no

Timko: yes

Motion carried.

Melanie McCarthy made a motion to post approved minutes to the website. Seconded by Jon Timko.

Motion carried unanimously.

Farmers’ list-suggestion that block ads and banner space is sold to raise IBBA funds.

Welcome Packet-walk through and request for feedback (attachment)

IBBA Policy Book-Request for comments

Task Team to study electronic voting-request for written suggestion or proposal from chair

Calling Cards-no report

Fundraising-ideas to raise money for IBBA mentioned

Kathleen Ziemer for Executive Secretary, proposal consideration-

Preliminary discussion and request to take proposal under further consideration, with additional information to be provided, re: needs assessment of BOD. 

Adjournment-The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 AM. The next meeting scheduled for

September 15, 2000, 8:00PM EST. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Velma Begley


Board of Directors, International Butterfly Breeders Association