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Todd Stout

IBBA Board Member

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Business:  Raising Butterflies


About Me

Todd has over 30 years’ experience studying and raising butterflies in many portions of the U.S. and enjoys providing school and public presentations and displaying exhibits on butterflies and their life cycles.  Todd is currently working with the state of Utah to consult and assist with monarch conservation. Todd has served as past president and secretary of the Utah Lepidopterists’ Society. He is currently serving on the Executive Council of the Lepidopterists’ Society as well as the board of directors of the International Butterfly Breeders Association.

He is currently a University of Florida Research Associate and described a new subspecies of the julia orangetip in Western Colorado (Anthocharis julia prestonorum).  In 2018, he published a taxonomic revision of the Sara orangetip consisting of three species in Western North America based upon five character sets—adult phenotypes, larval coloration, pupal cone angle, overwintering cycles and species-level contact zone behavior– He is also a senior author of another paper (in prep.) of worldwide Anthocharis.

He enjoys providing butterfly education and leading field trips through Utah Butterfly Field Trips on Facebook.   He created the Raising Butterflies DIY website in 2010 which teaches how to locate and raise many North American butterflies and owns a business providing butterfly breeding equipment under the same brand.