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Nurturing a butterfly caterpillar into a beautiful adult makes for memories of a lifetime. The joy of making a wish and setting a butterfly free will put a smile on the face of anyone. Watching the anticipation and excitement in the eyes of a future naturalist as they wait for their winged wonder to burst forth is priceless. Choosing a name for newly emerged butterfly just may be the best of all.

In nature 9 out of 10 caterpillars will never become butterflies. Predators, parasites, broadcast spraying and habitat loss have caused decreases in the numbers of many butterfly species throughout the world. They seem to be fighting a losing battle but you can help in an ecologically sound way.

We would all love to have Zebra longwings flying around our screened porches in Minnesota or release Julias at sunset on the Cape but it may not be the best thing for the butterflies. As a safeguard to assist any butterfly in crossing a state line it must first be approved with the USDA by means of a pre-approved PPQ526. This is done in order to guard against any releases that may be harmful to the butterfly and to release it in its natural habitat. There are also very strict restrictions on the shipping of monarchs across the Great Divide. But don’t let the red tape and regulations deter you, the IBBA has a solution.

The IBBA is the oldest and largest butterfly breeding organization dedicated to supplying the healthiest eggs, caterpillars butterflies available to the public for rearing and release. When you purchase a hatching kit from an IBBA member you can be sure that your caterpillar was raised under very stringent conditions and in adherence to all USDA guidelines. IBBA members go through continuous rigorous training through online courses, training workshops and professional conferences to keep up to date with latest techniques and Federal regulations. Qualified members are located throughout the US, Canada and in many other countries as well.

Click here for a list of breeders and where to buy butterfly educational kits

If you cannot find a breeder near you, there are many IBBA members who are federally permitted by the USDA to ship species that have been approved for your area.

Except for the Monarch butterfly during migration, when released your butterfly will not venture very far from home. As being a healthy adult it will go on to pollinate flowers, increase local populations and cause a smile wherever it alights.

So why not enjoy the Magic of Metamorphosis?

Message from the President

Hello and welcome to the website for the International Butterfly Breeders Association! This past year proved to be a big year for our organization. In 2023 we celebrated our 25th anniversary and convened for our biannual conference — a huge thank you to the various butterfly farms we visited in Florida this past fall. Farm visits are a crucial way for us to learn from other members’ processes and experience.

I’m incredibly excited and honored to serve as the IBBA President for 2024.  This year we are putting a big focus on our Continuing Education courses and monthly Info Shares. Three Continuing Education courses will be available to members: Oe Prevention by Rose Parker, The Business of Butterflies by Parker Bautner, and Larval Host Plants and How to Use ‘Em by Ryan Malone. Each month we have a Zoom Info Share (as described below), and this year we are addressing a different timely topic each month. Access to video recordings of these courses and info shares is one of the many IBBA Membership Perks, so consider becoming a member if you aren’t already. A huge thank you to our volunteer Education Committee for taking this all on. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

This November we are going on our biannual International Trip to Peru. Peru is one of the best butterfly destinations in the world, with well in excess of 4000 recognised species, and dozens more still being discovered each year. We are very excited for this opportunity to experience butterflies both in nature and within local butterfly exhibits.

One personal goal of mine is to make a few updates to the website, so don’t be surprised if you see something new. Here’s to a butterfly-filled 2024!

Ryan Malone
IBBA President 2024

Info Share – Let’s Talk About Butterflies!

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IBBA Info Share is an opportunity to meet others that raise butterflies, to make connections as well as get questions answered, and learn some tricks & tips from other breeders.

Info Share is one of many IBBA Membership perks. To participate in Info Share or view past sessions, you must be an IBBA member. To become an IBBA member, please click New Member Application. To renew membership, click here.

Get out your calendar!  Below you’ll find our 2024 schedule of Info Share topics you don’t want to miss!

When: Second Monday of every month at 8pm EST
Where: Online Zoom

2024 Info Share Schedule 

March: Plant Preparedness
April: Start Clean & Stay Clean SOP’s
May:  Acquiring Breeding Stock from The Wild
June: Successful Moth Breeding
July: Prolong Milkweed and Host Plant Availability
August: Dealing With Diseases
September: Overwintering Stock & Shutting Down
October: Monarch Migration and Tagging
November: No Info Share (Trip or Convention)
December – No Info Share (Holiday Break)

“Raising Monarchs | How to Do it Right” Video Series

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A step by step video tutorial on the basics of rearing monarch butterflies. In this 6 video series, you will learn how to properly pair monarch butterflies, collect their eggs, wash their eggs, mount pupae, check for OE, and more!

Help Save Oyamel Fir Trees and Their Monarchs

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Illegal logging activities in Mexican butterfly sanctuaries are destroying the Oyamel Fir trees that migrating monarchs need to survive. Habitat loss along the entire monarch butterfly migratory route has decreased size of Mexico’s monarch overwintering sites by at least 84% over the last 20 years.


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IBBA Continuing Education Program

The IBBA will be providing breeder-specific courses for raising healthy butterflies. Upon completion of a continuing education course, you will be entitled to display the IBBA Continuing Education Seal. Courses are FREE to members unless stated otherwise.

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