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Open discussions in real time about raising/breeding/farming topics and also updates from the board. We meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 8pm EST. It’s a open conference call with IBBA members. For access to the call, please contact Connie Hodsdon.

Topics will be guided by members on the call. Watch the IBBA Mailing List for further details.

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Monarch SOPs and Testing for Oe

We are discussing standard operating procedures for raising monarchs – testing for Oe – identifying Oe – optimal conditions for rearing caterpillars and more. Videos of testing for Oe as well as what you see through the lens of the microscope are included. Led by Jachus Sundby and Connie Hodsdon

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“Raising Monarchs | How to Do it Right” Video Series

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A step by step video tutorial on the basics of rearing monarch butterflies. In this 6 video series, you will learn how to properly pair monarch butterflies, collect their eggs, wash their eggs, mount pupae, check for OE, and more!

Help Save Oyamel Fir Trees and Their Monarchs

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Illegal logging activities in Mexican butterfly sanctuaries are destroying the Oyamel Fir trees that migrating monarchs need to survive. Habitat loss along the entire monarch butterfly migratory route has decreased size of Mexico’s monarch overwintering sites by at least 84% over the last 20 years.


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IBBA Continuing Education Program

The IBBA will be providing breeder-specific courses for raising healthy butterflies. Upon completion of a continuing education course, you will be entitled to display the IBBA Continuing Education Seal. Courses are FREE unless stated otherwise.

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